5 Useful Ways to Promote Your Content on LinkedIn

As the world’s largest professional network on the internet, LinkedIn in UK is flooded with professionals and employers seeking to land for opportunities like jobs, internships, networks, and related professional relationships. LinkedIn is also the go-to when it comes to finding career-related content as well as learning and assessing skills to match proposal requests and clients.

Now that LinkedIn users can easily access their feed from a desktop and mobile app, as business owners, you’ll feel obliged to create and feed them with substantial content where they can find value from and use it to whatever purpose it may serve them. However, what can a good content do if they are not properly channeled?

Make sure that you already have settled the basics of LinkedIn marketing by setting up your Campaign Manager Account. From there, identify your objectives and what your focus is. This could help you streamline your campaign content. You will then start building your audience, alongside setting your campaign budget and ad creative.

Here are the 5 ways of promoting your content on LinkedIn:


Post the right content.

While the internet is bombarded with massive information, people nowadays are wise enough to choose the content they consume. While it is nice to post everyday, quality weighs down the number of published content your page has. However, you should also bear in mind that consistent posting helps establish your audience reach and it keeps your engagement growing. With the valuable content you bring to the table, you’re one step closer to boosting your traffic as well as engagement which is great for promoting your content.

Protips from QuickSprout:

  • Adding images to your content gets 98% more comments and 75% more shares with a video.
  • Adding hyperlinks to your content drives 200% more engagement

Grow your audience.

Even when you have the quality and valuable content and there’s no one, or only a few could read it, it could not max out the influence and impact it could offer to your audience. Building an audience does not simply mean having just random connections and a lot of followers, rather, having the right audience is the key puting more value to what you have provided.

Establishing the right audience helps you reach your ideal clients and connections and this is the kind of network you should be focusing on. However, it would also be nice for some people to read and share and even engage on your content especially if they can find value out of it.

You may also invite your connections from your other social media accounts so you can be mutual on LinkedIn, that means additional audience on your end. 

Promote your content.

One way of getting your content noticed is to promote your post in various LinkedIn groups to reach potential audiences. With just the right amount of kindness to have your content posted in the group, you can earn a good amount of audience with the group members present as they also share the same interest and value as you do.

However, you should also remember and consider to be kind while sharing insights to these groups so they won’t think you are feeding spam to them. You need to also read group rules to be sure you don’t violate any of their regulations. Kindness costs nothing anyway. LinkedIn Groups help in building valuable connections.

Create a Content Promotion Calendar.

Your insights will not forever be in the limelight. And that means, you need to feed another content to keep the momentum of your audience. One content a week is not bad, in fact, that would perfectly replenish the post that has gone a week ago. With fresh insights and consistent updates, your audience will look forward to reading your next post. And that’s just an automatic and free advertising of your content.

Now that you know you shouldn’t just create one content ever, it’s time to plan and plot your schedule ahead of time to know topics you should post. You can have an overview of your weekly or monthly postings and what’s even better is having a better planning and assessment of your content calendar.

Stay consistent.

When people visit your profile and see that you are actively engaging with your followers and mutuals through well-written, concise, helpful, and consistent content, new audiences will flood you with notification for engagement reactions and new followers. Your content calendar will guide your consistency and as rule number 1, right content will lead the way.

Start your LinkedIn journey and utilize what great potential this platform offers. Follow us and learn more about other advantages of using LinkedIn to promote your content online.

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