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Brand You creates quality and engaging content strategy to reach your target market.

Brand You is a leading content marketing services agency in UK, providing top-notch Content. We offer a wide range of content creation services to cater to your business needs. Our team of skilled content marketing copywriters, marketers, and in-house graphic designers are experienced in creating compelling, engaging articles, blogs, and various other content to drive response.


We also specialize in creating content for social media platforms to enhance your online presence. As a top content creation company, we provide quality and engaging content strategy to reach your target market and persuade them to buy and believe in your brand.

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Article Writing

Article writing is one of the most effective ways to showcase your brand’s products and services. With everyone relying on a Google search to find solutions, it is important that your brand is visible in the search results. With a lot on your to-do list, writing the content yourself may not be enough. Brand You with our team of experts will not only save you time and effort, but will also ensure that your articles are optimized to appear in search engines.


Contrary to popular belief, blogging isn’t just reserved for an individual’s online diary. Instead, blogging remains one of the most consistent methods of bringing in traffic in a site. Connecting your blog to your social media is essential and can be another revenue stream for your business.

If you are interested in a professional blog writing service, Brand You offers a blogging service handling everything from content creation, marketing to SEO.

Digital Brochures

Digital brochures provide quick access to your company’s information and product offers. Potential clients can download this brochure and commit to it at a later date. To portray a professional and consistent image, Brand You designers keep the original blueprint on each project and back up the layout, colours and overall identity intact with every page of the brochure.

If the information is to be shared with other agencies or outside fields the information will remain consistent.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are still a powerful marketing tool when done well. Who doesn’t like to receive a nice surprise in the mail? However, consistency and attention-to-detail is the key here and must extend to the design, brand identity and brand message.


Newsletters are a powerful tool keeping clients up to date with current developments within the company. They update existing customers with new products or services, attract new leads, and provide value to the industry. When compared to annual reports (that are directed towards investors), newsletters aim to reach out to your company’s target market. As such, your tone should be more informal with newsletters, but continue to display your branding from page to page

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We are seasoned experts in the marketing industry, we combine the best methods and techniques of traditional marketing with the best innovative technologies and processes that come out of the new-era internet marketing.

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