Business Start-Ups and Kick-Start Your Business-
With Our Complete Package for Branding and Marketing.

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A Market Intelligence program that provides valuable input to organizational strategy and planning processes


Business Start-Ups and Kick-Start Your Business With Our Complete Package for Branding and Marketing.

Brand You Web and Digital, a Web & Digital Marketing Company in UK, has a high-end branding intelligence system that helps in laying out the plan and strategy for the clients so that they can navigate more easily. We pride ourselves in our system as it is precise and organized for us to use and understand as well as for our clients to use.

Developing a Marketing Development Program in the UK that provides valuable input to organizational strategy and planning processes is of major importance in today’s turbulent business environments.

We provide a planning sheet and a personalized drive for web design and digital marketing just for you. As one of the leading digital advertising companies and online advertising companies, we ensure that our Marketing Development Program UK helps you achieve the best possible results.

About the Program

The program covers all aspects of branding, online & offline development, sales, marketing, and advertising that will help your brand excel in the industry while making a place in the mind of your customers. Brand You, will help in providing creative concepts with wow factor graphics and campaigns which will help your brand stand out from its competitors.

Marketing Development Program

The Aspects We Cover

Project Management Structures & Procedures
An organizational structure is a standard hierarchy of operations. It defines how one can divide, coordinate, and direct groups. More so, it defines the positions and describes the tasks required to achieve an organization along with its clients’ objectives and vision. Organizational structures aren’t set in stone and can be tweaked as per the company’s size, needs, and their philosophy.

Your business needs a uniquely branded voice to become a leading name in the industry. Brand You has the perfect team of professionals who can creatively execute an immaculate development and branding strategy.

Our dedicated team will assist you with your branding strategy, company and product naming, nomenclature systems, trademark screening, global language checks, and other aspects of branding.

Content Marketing
If you want to reach your target audiences online, there is no better way than content. Content is a perennial marketing tactic that will continue to bring results long after it has been created. Content is the best way to find engaged, interested audiences who are ready to buy from you. It goes without saying that if you want to gain premium exposure on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, then high-quality content is the way to go.
Web Design and Development

In a constantly evolving and competitive marketplace, Brand You understands that a beautiful and user-focused design and development website is a top priority. By focusing on the user experience, our designers and developers create striking, elegant and conversion optimised websites.

Planning your website and keeping on top of changes can be a challenge as it takes considerable foresight and organization, so let Brand You help you with your approach. Our team of experts can help you achieve the website of your dreams.

SEO & Digital Strategy

Any business plan should include a comprehensive and well-thought of SEO and digital strategy, since companies without web presence will find it hard to survive in today’s marketing environment.

Every company is different, so let Brand You assess your business requirements and work with you to craft a custom-made SEO and digital strategy.

Social Media & Video Marketing

Connecting with your audience on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter can result in impressive sales if done correctly. If your brand requires help with increasing engagement, Brand You can give you tips and guidelines, along with conducting training or better just manage your entire social media portfolio for you.

If you’re looking to incorporate video into your marketing plan, you are making a smart move as video marketing leads to generating organic traffic to your website and pages. Brand You has a proven track record of creating engaging videos for all types of video marketing campaigns, including social media videos, website videos, and video advertising.

Marketing, Advertising & PR

Brand You is home to a team of exceptional knowledgeable experts who can convert your story into a reality. Marketing, Advertising and PR can be applied both digitally and by hard copy to your social media and website generating not only an increased customer base but revenue for your company.

Brand You has an expert team who will, with your consultation, create tailor made campaigns incorporating your brand to maximize your customer base.

Google & Social Adwords With Conversion Tracking

Google Adwords is an efficient and affordable way for marketers and other businesses to increase leads and sales from the web and earn the trust of the audience. Brand You’s team of

Google Adwords is an efficient and affordable way for marketers and other businesses to increase leads and sales from the web and earn the trust of the audience. Brand You’s team of experts allow you to focus on running your business, while our team focuses on making the phone ring.

Measurement KPI & Reporting (Key Performance Indicator)

Metrics are measurable values used by marketing teams to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns across all platforms. Whether you are looking to track digital marketing performance, SEO progress, or social media growth, having measurable marketing metrics and KPIs set up can help your business reach targets month-over-month.

Development, Coaching – Training Sessions

Working with an experienced business coach and marketing mentor will help you to identify your businesses’ strengths, develop skills, and grow the growth. Brand You will help you identify your brand’s strengths, areas for development and will provide actionable steps to help realise the full potential.

Through Brand You’s support you will develop your brand both personally and professionally, which will allow you to confidently take your company to the next level.


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