Prep & Plan (preparation and planning) are such a valuable tool. In fact it is the biggest part to any success. When you plan and do a strategy then you include things you don’t plan for. So you are prepared for everything, because in your plan you include time and budget for things that you cannot predict.

So many of us don’t value this time and so many of us do even plan or like to plan especially our business development and management side to the business.

If this is the case then you are going to keep getting the same results and coming up with the same excuses like;

I don’t have time

I don’t have enough money

I don’t think it’s a good idea

We can do it next time.

All of these ways of thinking are an excuse and does not let you take responsibility for your situation.

Can you imagine taking the time to develop a plan and strategy which not only helps grow yourself, but your business and your sales?

Being able to relax and do research of your competitors and getting information which helps you make your next move smarter.

Being able to analyse your own activities internally, and being able to apply time to improve your own internal staff and customer services.

Being able to enjoy all your business activities. How do you think the end result would be for yourself, your staff and most importantly for your customers?

Yes, a plan and strategy is what is needed!

We can help you with a full comprehensive strategy

Our increase your sales development and coaching programme does one to three things

  1. Helps you develop new customers and increase your sales
  2. Increase sales from your current customer base by increasing average order and shortening turnover time
  3. Both of the above

This includes:

Business plans a full 24/36 month plan and strategy.

  • Offline


Full set up of our increase your sales programme

Excel management strategy sheet – a HQ for all your business in one place

Analysing your competitors, your internal structures and procedures

Internal control – payroll, wages, etc.

Management – planning and dividing tasks between your staff and our team

Setting up a brand – placing your company in the market

Setting up communication management structure in cloud

  • Online


Setting up or upgrading the website

Keyword research

SEO/Digital strategy

Setting up social media channels







Setting up social media management software

  • Accounts (optional)


Analysing past and current turnover and sales ratio

Costing and turnover projections


Article author: Lee Kavanagh