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Business branding in LondonAt the beginning there was only offline advertising, and now the world has opened up to the online world. It is essential that every successful business have an online presence. Having an effective business strategy is vital to success. You must have a good marketing mix, which covers all types of your markets.
If this is the case, where do you start and how do you improve your marketing strategy? How do you know if it’s even working well?The Increase Your Sales program can help your business achieve greater heights. The Increase Your Sales program is a 24-month strategy, during which we work together with our client using tools such as:Development CoachingWe do this by assessing our client’s business situation, where the client is now, and where the client would like to be in 24 months.There are many factors to consider in this situation, and inevitably you are responsible for your current situation. However, there are 2 ways the Increase Your Sales program can help your company:1. Increase your customers – this is where a business wants to increase its turnover by developing more customers. It is important to do this and to have all factors of running your business working in a correct manner.2. Increase your profits – This is where a business wants to increase profit not necessarily by increasing sales but rather by attracting the right clients, clients who are more profitable. This way you can reduce you workload and stress and, with better management, become more profitable and have more leisure time.The team – we give you value. This is our mission, and you get a full team in areas of improvementGetting the job done is vital, and that’s what we do for you. The Increase Your Sales program lets us come to you and identify strengths and weakness. Where the weaknesses are, we help fill that gap, and where the strengths are, we help improve, so you can grow your company to the next level.Types of businesses and our approachNew business set ups –we can help you with the complete set up of your business.Existing businesses – whether you’ve been in business for 20 years or just recently started, from a 200-employee company to a company of one, we can help.Both of these types of businesses are suitable for the Increase Your Sales program. We find ways for all clients to improve their business as a whole. We find that so many people don’t have all the factors and a clear strategy for both an offline and an online presence.Our approach is quite unique, and here’s why. Because every business is different, what we do is approach each client in a different way. We develop a system and strategy around the client’s workload and capabilities.We also come to your business regularly because we find it is important that we understand your business, your environment, and your own and your customer’s needs. This is essential in order to develop an effective strategy, and we need to be in constant contact and to review our achievements in order to proceed to the next step within the strategy.For a lot of people, they think it’s a big change that is needed, but this is never the case. Achieving growth is all about small steps, constant small steps.How to increase your sales works – To consider all factors of your business internally and externally and make sure you have your whole marketing mix in order, we have developed a way of structuring all of your important information into a series of folders to make it simplified for you. With these procedures, we can get valuable information to your customers in an effective way. Time = money, so coaching/training you and your staff in this process enables you to have an effective marketing strategy.We also take into account psychological factors in the customer’s buying process. How customers make a decision to buy your product or service is key to improving your sales or the type of customers you want to attract.We have various tools we use which enable you to get this information and present this to your customers in a desirable fashion. We call this closing the sale by 80% before they even call you! We use all of your online tools to present this – your website/ecommerce, blogging, social media, testimonials, recent projects or recent sales, and documentation of all your business activities. This is so important because when you show potential customers what to expect when they buy from you, this helps your business grow. Telling/showing your customers the experience they can expect through real-life, true stories helps your customer base grow, and you will attract the right customer for you.1. Offline procedures and structuresThis is the first stage of the program, and what we do in this part is planning, research, coaching/training, and development. We asses all your businesses needs. This is important because all of your activities will feed your online marketing mix. It is important we have the correct sales tools.Here is the list of areas we set up or redevelop with you:Customer service – making sure that you offer the best customer service is key to any business success, and you need to constantly manage and keep improving this, and you can only do this by reviewing your coaching/training.Staff/team – Designated rolesStructures and procedures to improve your sales programme folders – these are the folder we set up within your company. It helps you organise essential parts of your business activities, obtain testimonials from customers, or organise blogs.Dropbox – implementing a cloud solution allows us to work alongside customer and view file changes in real time. Both we and the customer store a local copy of files on the local computer.Hootsuite – allows scheduling the social media posts in advance. We either help clients and train them on how to plan a week of posts or completely take over the client’s social media management.Your brand – for new businesses, designing your company brand, company name, registering with the domain using your CRO number. For existing businesses, either redeveloping the brand or working with your existing brand.We will complete a digital & SEO strategy online, and also complete an offline strategy. This will give us a plan of attack for both your website and social media throughout the 24 months and also will give us estimates of how long it will take for you business to be number one on Google.A website/ecommerce plan is the key to designing a website around your market. So, gathering all the data and using the correct tools on your website, which will add to your existing and potential new markets, is vital for interaction on your website and, most importantly, will bring more hits to your website.2. Online implementationImplementation of all the online informationWebsite or ecommerce – design and management of an interesting website with intuitive interface, connected with all of your social media streams.SEO strategy – Research on what users are looking for, competitor analysis, and establishing time frames required to get your website to page one on Google.Digital strategy – developing a plan for online streams and figuring out how to integrate you social media, videos, advertising campaigns, or website with each other in a time-efficient manner.Reporting and the way forward – this is vital part of the process. Every two months we present you with a report on work carried out so far, results in search engines, and effects of online campaigns. We discuss with you and plan the next two months in order to deliver work that you actually need.Continual coaching and development – to keep improving we need to identify the areas that are working so we can put more focus onto development.
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